About the EBID

The Eisenhower Business Improvement District (EBID) represents an important movement by property owners and business leaders to establish a well-funded, professional organization. We continue to work to ensure the community maintains a positive perception of the Eisenhower retail corridor, supplements city services to raise the standard of excellence, and promotes businesses to respond to challenges from other competitive developments.

Furthermore, EBID plays a major role in the sustainability and growth of the Eisenhower retail corridor. EBID will provide immediate beautification, increased law enforcement presence, and recruitment of new businesses. The creation of EBID is absolutely critical and allows property owners the opportunity to improve the future of their business and the surrounding area.

Our Mission Statement

Eisenhower Business Improvement District (EBID) is to represent the business and property owners within the District and the public in promoting economic growth and development, the general welfare within, and preserving and enhancing the function and appearance of the EBID.

Our Vision Statement

Eisenhower Business Improvement District (EBID) is to enhance business and to promote improvements that will help local citizens, business operators, and tourists experience an environment and character which better responds to the history of the area, thereby projecting a positive image of the Eisenhower Corridor as the center of commerce, learning, and social activity for the area.

Our executive director

Jaime Arnold

Jaime Arnold has been the Executive Director of the Eisenhower Business Improvement District since it began.

Jaime has been a member of the Macon community since 2000, with the exception of three years in Atlanta. While in Atlanta, she was able to witness the Beltline Project in Inman Park and saw firsthand the transformation an area can experience with the support of its community members and leaders.

In Jaime’s words, “I am proud to be the Executive Director of a group of property owners dedicated to taking the necessary steps to improve the area for their neighborhoods and the entire community.”

Jaime is married to Bill Arnold, and they have one son, Will.