About EBID in Macon, GA

The Eisenhower Business Improvement District (EBID) in Macon, Georgia, represents an important movement by property owners and business leaders to establish a well-funded, professional organization. We continue to work to ensure the community maintains a positive perception of the Eisenhower retail corridor, supplements city services to raise the standard of excellence, and promotes businesses to respond to challenges from other competitive developments.

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Budget Breakdown

The businesses in the Eisenhower district willfully pay an additional tax to allow the EBID to revitalize the area. We do not take lightly the trust they have given EBID to use their money wisely.


A well-groomed and well-maintained area is attractive to the people of Macon and to our visitors. But, more important than aesthetics is the safety a well-maintained area provides.


The off-duty sheriff deputies meticulously patrol the entire district. Their presence is a deterrent to theft and burglary from businesses and motor vehicles.

Marketing Services

We aim to bring life back into the Eisenhower district – once again making it a thriving, fruitful area. We will do this by providing marketing services to the businesses we partner with.

Future Plans

The EBID has an abundance of plans to add more beauty, safety, and revitalization to the Eisenhower district.

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