Eisenhower Business Improvement District

Retaining Current Macon Businesses & Recruiting New Business

Revitalizing Macon's Eisenhower Corridor

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The Eisenhower Business Improvement District (EBID) represents an important movement by property owners and business leader’s in Macon’s Eisenhower Business Corridor – Eisenhower Parkway from I-475 to Oglesby Place. This movement will rebuild a positive perception of the Eisenhower Commercial Corridor, supplement city services to raise the standard of excellence, encourage business recruitment and retention, and promote businesses in response to challenges from other competitive developments.

Retaining Current Macon Businesses

Every EBID business plays an important role in the vitality of the area and more importantly our community. EBID is able to maintain focus of the current and rising needs of our businesses through our Board of Directors made up of property and business owners in the district.

We strive to keep open lines of communication with our businesses to adequately address needs and ensure we are the best place to grow and serve the community and visitors.

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Recruiting New Business

Eisenhower BID works diligently to create a beautiful, well maintained, safe and inviting area for our community, visitors and businesses new and old. We are currently working with Nextsite to develop a Market Study as a recruiting tool for interested investors and developers. EBID works with our property owners, commercial real estate representatives, local government and economic development agencies to ensure we are actively recruiting the perfect business and investments for our area.


The Eisenhower Business Improvement District’s mission is to revitalize the community and retain and recruit businesses. We know that the heartbeat of every city is the people who work, live, and play in the area, and that includes our dedicated business owners in the Eisenhower district. Our focus is to beautify the area, make it safer for all citizens and visitors, and help market the businesses that have teamed with EBID.


  • I-475 Exit 3 Landscape Redesign
  • Ongoing landscape maintenance
  • Porter Service
  • Median Wildflower Project
  • Blight Removal
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  • Market analysis studying the attractiveness and dynamics of a specific area
  • Identifies strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities for growth
  • Ensures we are bringing the right businesses to our district which leads to overall growth and success
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  • Addition of 29 Streetlights
  • Off-duty Sheriff's Deputies
    • Patrol the area
    • Deter crime
    • Perform goodwill gestures
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  • Utilize our website as an interactive searching tool for interested developers and investors.
  • EBID works with the following to ensure we are actively recruiting the perfect business and investments for our area:
    • property owners
    • commercial real estate representatives
    • economic development agencies


  • Provide needed attention for continued growth and success
  • Website
  • Online business directory and map
  • Social Media Presence    
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We are committed to recruiting new businesses for the Eisenhower Corridor. Property Listings are coming soon!


The businesses in the Eisenhower district willfully pay an additional tax to allow the EBID to revitalize the area. We do not take lightly the trust they have given EBID to use their money wisely. Our budget breakdown is as follows:

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Macon Mall Revitalization

In September, Mayor Lester Miller, along with business and education partners, announced major revitalization plans for the Mall Mall including a 10,000 seat Amphitheater and new indoor tenants including government offices and recreational space. Visit our site regularly for updates.

Revitalizing Macon's Eisenhower Corridor

Eisenhower BID has transformed the Eisenhower Corridor to create a more welcoming area for our community and visitors. Please check out the following media coverage to learn more about our journey.
United to End Homelessness begins planning process with partner, community meetings
Watch the amphitheater construction live webcam
Watch the amphitheater construction live webcam provided by Piedmont Construction Group below:
Site work begins for new amphitheater
On Monday, July 18, crews from the Public Works Department began tearing up the parking lot and islands …

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